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Using VLookup to insert corresponding picture

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Hello - I'm stuck with a spreadsheet I'm writing for work and could use

some advice.

I have a Vlookup set up, and I'd like to link a graphic ( a JPG file I

used Snag-it to capture) to be inserted that corresponds to the

selection. I have 4 different scenarios that could exist.

How can I have the appriopiate picture inserted? WHat sort of function

would I use? Does this require a macro' Lastily, where is the easiest

place to store my jpgs for this application (in clip-art, another

work-sheet page, etc)'

ANy help is appreciated-




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    • the best way to bring up a picture is to use a hyper link and store all

      the jpegs in the same folder. there is a way to tell excel where to

      look for them. a sample of your spreadsheet and the pictures would make

      it eaiser to figure out.


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