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Software to replace Excel

On Microsoft » Microsoft Excel

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On Nov 7, 10:16 am, "Dave Neve" <NoAddressForSpamm....excel.todaysummary.com.noway.fr> wrote:

> Hello

> I work in a school which is introducing a new software system for the

> teachers (Konosys)

> Some of the pages are displayed using Excel and can be printed out but only

> if the teacher has Excel (there is an Excel icon and it opens Excel when we

> click on it and the information appears correctly)

> I'd like to know if

> 1 There is a software which can replace Excel if only to read and print

> 2 Would it be difficult for the programmers to write additional code so

> that if Excel isn't found on the teachers computer, then the alternative

> program is found and replaces Excel

> We do have a licence for Windows/Microsoft Office in the school but it

> doesn't allow us to install this at home.

> I am asking this not only as a user but also as a trade union

> representative at the school cos we can't insist that a teacher buys

> Windows/Microsoft Office and some teachers are runnning Linux and Open

> Office at home

> Thanks in advance

> Dave Neve

> Konosys at the moment only works with Excel and Internet Explorer and I have

> asked a similar question to the IE 7 group

> Thanks in advance

> Dave Neve


You can try any of these free options

Gnumeric at http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnumeric/ client freeware


OpenOffice.org at http://www.openoffice.org/ client

freeware MS Office clone

Google Docs at docs.google.com/ web

based freeware MS Office clone

Good Luck!

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