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SendKeys to emulate ALT+TAB, TAB, TAB

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How can I use VBA Sendkeys Method to achieve the below?

Using the keyboard, while holding down ALT key, I need to press TAB for 3

times in order to toggle to the 4th Window.

All below attempts failed, even if I add Application.Wait on the next line:

Application.SendKeys ("%{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}"), True

Application.SendKeys ("%{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}"), False

Application.SendKeys ("%{TAB}%{TAB}%{TAB}"), True

Application.SendKeys ("%{TAB}%{TAB}%{TAB}"), False

Thanks alot



(Using Excel XP)

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    • Sorry guys. I got it with "Application.SendKeys ("%{TAB 3}"), True"

      It seems like F1 Help did better than my 2 reference books.



      (Using Excel XP)

      #1; Fri, 23 May 2008 02:08:00 GMT