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Mirroring observations in Excel table along diagonal

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Hello all,

I have created a "unit conversion table" in Excel. At the left (cell

A2-A51) I have a column with 50 units (like mg/ l or ng/ml).

In the top row (B1-AY1) I have the same 50 units transposed.

Let's say that the first unit is mg/ml and the second unit is g/ ml.

Cell B2 would then contain the value 1, because the unit is converted

to itself. Cell C3: same story. Cell C2 would contain the value 0.001

(from mg/ml to g/ml) and cell B3 would contain the value 1000 (from

g/ml to mg/ml).

Now, to save a lot of time and to prevent errors, I would like to fill

in by hand only the values "above" the upper-left-lower-right diagonal

(with the 1s). The cells below the diagonal would be filled according

to B3=1/C2 or C7=1/G3. Would there be a quick way to do this in Excel?

Any ideas? If you need more info I could send you a sample file.

Thanks so much for your help.


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