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How to save an excel document to a CD-R?

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I am trying to save a worksheet to a CD-R and keep getting an error that the

file is read only.

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    • The simplistic mastering software included with WinXP does CD-Mastering,

      not packet writing. Mastering software doesn't care if you are using

      a CDR or a CDRW, it treats the file system the same way and marks all

      the files as read-only.

      The method used by the inbuilt burning does not write files in a 'CD-RW'

      method whereby they can be individually accessed for updating or

      deleting, but writes a whole batch as a 'session'. This means that the

      disk can only be erased as a whole. The files are thus intrinsically

      read-only, and marked as such.


      If you want read/write capablity, then you need to install third-party

      software that enables packet writing. Roxio, Nero InCD or similar.

      NOTE: Saving directly to or opening directly from removable media is not a

      good idea. Can/will lead to corruption of files.

      Save to HDD first then copy to CD.

      Gord Dibben Excel MVP

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      >I am trying to save a worksheet to a CD-R and keep getting an error that the

      >file is read only.

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